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Stained Glass Patterns
Alice Foster Zimmerman

Alice is an award winning glass artist and has been designing and fabricating stained glass windows and panels for over thirty years. If you think about that statement, you have to realize that she's pretty old, so her hands/back/knees hurt from so many years of building windows. Once she conquered some good Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, she began converting thirty years of designs done in pen & ink, to computer images to be sold as patterns. For the past few years she has limited herself to selling her fabulous Bead Release , dabbling in fusing and bead making, selling her converted drawings and custom designing window patterns for both professionals and hobbyists.

Professionals have Alice design windows for them because it saves them a lot of time (time is money after all) and hobbyists come to Alice when they need a design that does not already exist as a commercial pattern. Any of her past clients will tell you that Alice works with her customers until they're happy with the drawing and the design that they have received are distinctly unique. Client satisfaction is the most important thing to Alice and was one of the primary reasons she owned a successful stained glass store for twenty years. That attitude of customer care hasn't changed.

It is important that you take a minute to read about our patterns.

Scale Patterns are designed to be printable on either 8 1/2" X 11" or 8 1/2" X 14" stock, for you to enlarge to whatever size you need it to be. Once you've picked the pattern you want and paid the small fee of $2.00, you will receive the drawing as an email attachment in PDF format. The scale size indicates the percentage used to enlarge the design to the recommended size. Ex: Scale= 1/4" - enlarge to 400%.

The recommended size is based on the intricacy of the design and working with smaller dimensions could be very difficult (or impossible) for less experienced craftsmen. Reducing the recommended size will result in smaller individual pieces (some too small to be cut) and more difficult cuts.

Full Size Patterns are a clean print, numbered and coded for color, at the dimensions shown. Please be aware that some of the larger drawings may be printed on more than one sheet of paper to be taped together in order to make a complete pattern. Our plotter (wide format printer) uses 36" paper so anything wider than that will need to be printed on two sheets of paper.

Want a second copy of the full size drawing?
When you order a full size drawing you have the option of buying a duplicate drawing for half the price. This offer is only good at the time that you purchase the first copy - no exceptions, so don't even try!

Custom sizing of the patterns may be done upon request, but the proportions must be compatible. Email your dimensions and the pattern number and Alice will let you know if the pattern is compatible with your dimensions.

Custom patterns are available.

Custom Patterns
Stop searching for the perfect pattern and let Alice draw it for you. By accessing her huge library (morgue) of designs, developed over the last thirty-plus years, she can turn your idea into a printable stained glass pattern.

You can look through her patterns and pick the flowers from one, the critters from another or whatever strikes your fancy. Alice will work with you to put together the ideal design that suits your environment.

If you have an original idea or a picture of something you want converted to a stained glass design, in most cases, we can do that too. Think it's too expensive, or just plain impossible? You don't know until you ask.

Custom designs are based on your dimensions and design specifics, and if you email Alice with those specifics, she can give you an estimate of the cost. When you order a custom drawing you will receive two full sized copies, numbered and color-coded, along with a color scale sized version.

Imagine, exactly what you want - at exactly the right size, numbered and color coded and distinctly different from anything else.

For any questions about custom sizing & pattern design, please email Alice.

Shipping Issues
The cost of shipping (within the Continental U.S.) is included in all of our patterns. Full Size Drawings are sent USPS standard First Class Mail. If you are ordering more than one full size pattern, or one of the over-size drawings, they may be sent in a "Priority Mailing Tube," for a small additional charge.

If you are ordering multiple items we will make every effort to combine your order to save on postage. We understand that mailing and shipping costs just keep snowballing and we are just as frustrated by that as you are. We will work diligently to keep down the cost of mailing your order.

For orders outside of the Continental US an adjustment will be made and you will be advised of the total cost before we ship.

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